We co-design unique value propositions with our Partners so they can acquire and retain customers, boosting revenues

We understand how important it is for you to offer the right products to your customers. That’s why we work closely with you to co-design new marketing  measures and activities around our product solutions, which you can use to accompany your customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

To do this, we leverage our expertise and capabilities in marketing strategy, co creation, tech platforms, digital and channel marketing. Our sophisticated data analytics give you valuable insights into your customers' needs and behaviours, which you can use to plan and target your sales and marketing activities. Where possible we recommend an omnichannel approach.

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We find the right solutions with our partners through co-creation and tight collaboration

Our mission is to add value for our partners and their customers, collaborating to co-create fast-to-market, cost-effective solutions to take their businesses to the next level. Our experts are skilled at finding innovative ways of working to harness new technology and data for the benefits of the end customer.

3 steps to customer-oriented innovation

A customer and market observatory to stay tuned with the latest customer and market trends

Sharing our insights will help you design a “market fitted” solution that meets customers’ needs. Here are the top global trends we actively follow, to help you stay one step ahead.

  • New - Emerging and Global risks
    The Covid-19 health crisis has highlighted the vulnerability of people and communities towards global pandemics. It is the responsibility of insurers to tackle previously underestimated risks poised to constantly evolve.
  • Simplicity and transparency
    In their daily digitized lives, people are now used to speed, transparency and instant answers. They want simple and easy-to-use solutions that facilitate their lives and save time, instead of tedious filing and long waits. Our biggest strength is our people and our capacity to find solutions to the trickiest problems.
  • Service oriented world
    Help & Support, Sharing vs Owning, On-Demand vs Static... The world is now service and added value oriented. Our “From Payer to Partner” strategy precisely addresses that point.
  • Personalized and data driven
    As customers are more willing to share their data to obtain more personalized services, we can build new models that better fulfill the needs of our clients and strengthen our relationship with them. We must tailor our products and services to consumers while respecting the privacy of their data.
  • Green energy and sustainability
    Economies face a two-fold energy challenge : meeting the needs of billions of people who still lack access to modern energy services while simultaneously participating in a global transition to clean, low-carbon energy systems. We bring our expertise such as solar panel or charging point assistance to answer these rising needs.
  • Health and Wellbeing
    In a constantly more demanding environment, as well as emerging sanitary and health risks that the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated, we assist to rising expectations for more humanized care service like telemedicine: technology might ease linking people together and prevent more isolation. Understanding the growing importance of the human touch influences the services and solutions we provide.
  • New Mobility
    The next decade will see a range of innovative headwinds shift the mobility moving from an ownership model toward a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) model. Increasing urbanization, population growth, and environmental concerns are influencing the rise of MaaS, leading to a mobility that will gradually be replaced by a consumer-centric one run on electricity and  “smoother” ways of moving. We make sure to accompany this transition with the appropriate new services that will emerge.

Understand, design, release: our approach to designing new solutions

We co-create with you a unique Value Proposition that differentiates you in your market so you can diversify your revenues, increase selling points, and go beyond your core business.
First, we run deep dive analyses, including market and user research, to collect crucial insight and knowledge. Next, we brainstorm together in ideas and business concept workshops to design and prioritize innovative value propositions. Finally, we prototype the services, run user testing and collect feed back.
Then the solution is released, based on a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach that we can revised as needed.

Allowing you to reach your goal through tailored and innovative solutions : Step 1 - understand ; step 2 - design ; Step 3' - Release
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Supporting your selling process with Omni-channel distribution capabilities

Today’s customers want to choose the way they do business with you:  through Internet,  smartphone, face-to-face  - even social media. They might begin their buyer’s journey with a call centre and finish it on their smartphone. Or they might begin it at a bank branch and finish it online. In every case, they expect a seamless experience across all sales channels.

Our complete value proposition covers six stages: analyzing customer journey and available data, defining a distribution strategy, applying a data-driven approach, running multichannel campaigns, delivering qualitative (e)-training, providing incentives. This is also why we offer omni-channel distribution. The benefits of seamless omni-channel distribution are at least twofold: higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction. A smooth customer journey boosts customer loyalty and improves chances for unprompted recommendations to others.

Ready to start?

Interested in hearing more? Contact us to find out how we can help you put into place new omni-channel marketing activities.