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It’s no secret that the Energy sector is facing many challenges. For starters, the competitive pressure is increasing, energy distributors can be changed in a few clicks and new players are entering the market. In this context, winning marketing strategies stand out from the competition and develop good customer relations and loyalty. At AXA Partners, we can help you to become that valuable, long-term partner for your customers with personalised solutions now and for the future.  

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Making your customers home the safest place

Today there is a great opportunity for energy and utilities companies to be more than electricity, gas or water suppliers. With our Home Assistance solutions, you can protect and ensure customers with hands-on services, expert craftsmen, intervention by a trusted insurance partner, excellent quality of work and negotiated prices. Everything to guarantee a good experience, that generates sympathy, trust and loyalty.

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Partnering and combining our strengths to create the best solutions for your customers’ comfort

We believe that outstanding customer experience is driven by innovations that meet the ever-changing and evolving needs of customers. Like our Home Emergency Assistance solution that offers a 24/7 hotline to find the right professional to solve problems within 2 hours. Since we prioritize best-in-class quality of service in everything we do, we constantly monitor the improvement of our service quality with instant feedbacks like our NPS surveys. This way we take into account feedback from all our customers and partners.

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Helping your clients to cover their monthly household expenses

Many family budgets are currently stretched financially. Even a short period without an income can have severe financial consequences. To help them to overcome these difficult periods, you need to offer solutions that cover their monthly household expenses. Our Bill Protection solution enables a customer to keep up with monthly expenses and give them enough time to find a new job, along with protection of their financial future. This way they can maintain their standard of living and protect their savings while you become their trusted partner for the future.

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Whether you are an energy or utility service provider, or an energy corporation, we offers you solutions to help you become the long-term partner for your customers and their energy goals.

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